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T.A. Sierra

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Eduardo Sierra Restrepo is a certified acupuncture therapist, licensed by the state of Baja, Mexico.

He is certified by the Instituto Alcocer de Medicina Tradicional China y Acupuntura, Universidad Autonoma de Chapingo.

The faculty of this prestigious university, in Mexico City, are trained by leading practitioners in China and greater Asia.

The program is sanctioned by the governments of Mexico and China.


  • Institutio Alcocer de Medicina Tradicional China y Acupuntura
    Universidad Autonoma de Chapingo
    Hospital de Acupuntura de Tian Jin
  • Instituto Feng Shui de Acupuntura y Moxibustion
  • Union Nacional de Asociaciones de Medicos y Tecnicos Acupunturistas
  • Acreditacion Secretaria de Salud B.C.S.
    Direccion de Regulacion y Fomento Sanitario
    Registro 1818, Autorizacion 1922

Facial Toning

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The condition of your face and skin are external signs of general health and how well the organs and systems are functioning.

Weather, cosmetics, diet, lack of water or sleep and emotional stress all show in your face.

Ancient Chinese acupuncture techniques can rejuvenate your skin by improving circulation of blood, nutrients and essential hormones that tone, condition and protect your skin, the largest organ in your body.

Acupuncture is one of the most holistic and effective options for natural skin care and rejuvenation.


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El uso de Electro-Estimuladores en Acupuntura, acela el proceso de control y eliminacion del dolor y la inflamacion; aumenta la eficiencia del tratamiento en enfermos debiles.

El number de sesiones, depende de la gravedad y antiguedad de la sesion y la condicion del paciente.


Acupuncture or electro-acupuncture,
along with moderate lifestyle changes, can alleviate:

  • Acne & Psoriasis                                               Acne & Psoriasis
  • Arthritis & Osteoporosis                               Artritis, Osteoporosis, Reumatismo
  • Asthma & Sinusitis                                           Asma & Sinusitis
  • Back Pain & Sciatica                                        Columna Vertebral, Ciatica
  • Depression & Stress                                         Depresion & Estres
  • Fatigue & Insomnia                                          Fatiga Cronica & Insomnio
  • Migranes                                                               Migrana
  • PMS & Menopause                                             Premenstrual & Menopausia
  • Gastric Pain & Colitis                                        Gastritis & Colitis
  • Hypertension & Cholesterol                          Hipertension & Colesterol
  • Impotence & Prostrate                                    Impotencia & Prostata
  • Obesity, Diabetes & Hypoglycemia             Obesidad, Diabetes & Hipoglucemia

Los Cabos Acupuncture Locations

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Acupunctura Humana / Human Acupuncture

Dr. Eduardo Sierra
Reg. S. S.A. 1818

Two (2) Locations: Cabo San Luca and San Jose del Cabo

Acupunctura Humana - Cabo

Map to Acupunctura Humana - Cabo

Acupunctura Humana
Cabo San Lucas

Plaza Ejidal, Loc. 8
Esq. Lopez Mateos y Morelos
Col. Ejidal
Tel. (624) 143-4660

Monday, Wednesday & Friday
Lunes, Miercoles y Viernes
9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.






Acupunctura Humana, San Jose location

Acupunctura Humana San Jose location

Acupunctura Humana
San Jose del Cabo

Valerio Gonzalez, 1126 Local
Col. 1 de MayoTel.
(624) 142-4330

Tuesday & Thursday
Martes y Jueves
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. &
4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.


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This release aims to make a historical portrayal of traditional Chinese medicine in the West and particularly acupuncture, the technique of thin steel needles and silver.

Except for some regions of the American Union, Canada, a small village in the state of Chiapas in Mexico and Peru mysterious. Traditional Chinese Medicine, jewel of medicine, which includes, acupuncture, vegetable products, animal and mineral, massage, gymnastics very special, breathing movements, diet, therapy baths, etc.., Were virtually unknown in the West, until the early twentieth century.

The first reference to China and Asia, XIII century, outlined in the book of Marco Polo’s journey, marginally mentioned medicine and culture, and that the interests of the time were more focused on issues of military and economic, then in the sixteenth century, the expedition to the east of the great Portuguese navigator and historian Basque da Gamma, who cleave to the sixteenth century reports of a rich, complex, commercial and barbaric civilization that flourished in the East.

The first contact with this ancient healing technique using metal needles, which outlines the Jesuit missionaries of the scientific mission of Louis XIV (the same who founded the first missions in Baja California). Sent to China by the Sun King did nothing but historical scientific review of a therapeutic method, hitherto unknown, so just outlined and less understood the philosophical basis on which rested this ancient science, though coined the word for Traditional Chinese Medicine in the West, Acupuncture, from the Latin acus (needle) and puncture (sting, prick).

The first historical record of Acupuncture is due to RP Hervieu in 1671, the first acupuncturists, registered in France in the first half of the nineteenth century and thanks to them and their lack of experience and ethics, acupuncture could disappear quickly in the West .

4500 or so ago, years we can date the original precepts of the method used by emperors and sages of ancient China to preserve health, for the Chinese medical, health is the result of harmony and balance between two forces that run the body in an orderly and harmonious, (illustrated by the universal symbol of yin-yang, identifiable to the naked eye as a sign of harmony and health of almost every human on the planet) the disease is described as the imbalance between these forces, excess or failure of the energies that are generated, energy is nothing supernatural, for we speak of nothing less than breathing, nutrition, use and distribution of nutrients, minerals and fluids present in all living beings.

The practice of acupuncture in the West, focuses primarily on humans, although there are extensive treatises on acupuncture and pharmacopoeia for animals, which, surprisingly, include elephants, camels, water buffalo, dogs, cats and other species domestic, familiar only to those who have traveled the east.

Traditional Chinese medicine was in its infancy essentially a preventive practice, and the ancient Chinese, paid his doctor to keep your good health and in disease, the patient failed to pay their fees and the doctor had even assuming cost of treatment.

It has its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine, at the legendary Yellow Emperor, who, in the shell of a turtle, along the Yellow River, was the revelation of the harmony, balance and energy. (Concepts that are beyond the Western perception, based on a rational way to explain every event that notes), the Chinese doctor, notes, classify and act accordingly, thus meeting the medical and philosophical principles that Chinese medicine is based, being one of the most successful therapeutic techniques in the history of mankind.

For Europeans, the relationship with China appears quite late in the modern history of ancient China not only knew the silk, a commercial product that is trafficked through the longest route of the ancient world (The Silk Road ), that by the ninth century, however, a Persian physician, known as Avicenna (in the West considered the father of medicine), he taught at his school in Isfahan, wonderful formulas and techniques to heal from the “country eastern border. “ Wrote the first texts in the medical history of modern medicine, marinated vegetable fiber paper (invented in China several centuries before), all this to the eleventh century.

For the Chinese civilization, the West was also an unknown frontier and nearly banned, just the military actions of Alexander the Great and the travels of Marco Polo, came to the West, and testing information on instruments and advanced materials, such as the compass that guided and led to Christopher Columbus, gunpowder and printing among other wonders that the Chinese knew centuries ago.

Well, forgetting the history and returning to traditional Chinese medicine, the early reviews on it, dating from the seventeenth century, when the Jesuit missionaries who, as part of the scientific mission, were sent to Beijing by Louis XIV, where a time First, studies, documents and summarizes information on institutions and Chinese culture, amazed by the revelations and tangible evidence of Chinese doctors, returned to Europe and were aware of the scope of this medicine.

Then appear acupuncturists “name brand” that ignoring the philosophical principle of Chinese medicine, acupuncture could be discredited forever, the real boom of acupuncture in the modern Western world, is due to George Soulié de Morant, a personal banker whose only virtue was a remarkable knowledge of Chinese language ability that he was named to the late nineteenth century (1898), Consul of France in Shanghai, its first destination was Yunnan-Fu, where damage to a terrible epidemic of cholera, there , observed that the sick are healed faster thanks to treatment with needles under the influence of drugs available at that time … Soulié de Morant, was initiated in this therapy and became recognized with the title “Medical Teacher” award in 1908 by the Viceroy of Yunnan-Chenn, later was awarded the “Chiseled Button Coral” highest award bestowed by the Chinese government gave him the category of academic and accompanied by a certificate of silk from 5 feet 3, firms had raised a hundred persons who testified he had been cured “of a disease that no single cure” …. It gave him the freedom to choose to interpret and translate between Chinese medical treatises, which his election would be of interest to Western doctors; text bristling with difficulties before him were rejected by the best specialists and incomprehensible doctors sent on official missions .

Returning to France, Soulie de Morant, after 20 years of residence in China and major awards, the French doctors asked him to convey his knowledge, his first public demonstration took place in Saint-Antoine hospital and over a quarter century, all French works on acupuncture, were inspired solely on the work of Soulié de Morant (in 1934 “True Principles of Acupuncture China” between 1934 and 1939, published 5 volumes entitled “Chinese Acupuncture”), such achievements in his later years, earned him being accused by French doctors illegal practice of medicine as it did not hold a medical degree recognized in his country despite this the American Medical Society, offered in his honor to found the first acupuncture lecture at a university in America. In 1950 the French Committee for the Nobel Prize in physiology, proposed by France as the sole candidate.

After his death at age 77 in 1955, opinion is unanimous, Soulié de Morant was made known to the West the benefits that can be expected from metal needles, because he is specializing in Chinese medicine is now considered in the medical world as a parallel, on a par with allopathic practice and spread and recognized around the world.

Today, on behalf of one of every six human beings who have been treated with acupuncture and those who practice this ancient technique, we pay tribute to Professor Soulie de Morant.

This article is an overview and respectful homage to the father of a technique that honors the precept of “cure without damaging”

– Free and personal interpretation of the book “Chinese Medicine” by Dr. G. Beau and “inventory” of Jacques Prévet, “is older than our civilization and way it has been replaced by”